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“Award-winning and well reviewed Chef with exceptional history of opening successful restaurants that profit very quickly.”

Mahendra Singh


Mahendra Singh

Our Chef

“Award-winning and well reviewed Chef with exceptional history of opening successful restaurant that profit very quickly.”

Mirza Zaheer
So fresh and tasty, I can not prove you have to try once.
K A., Belleville, NJ
I enjoyed my dining experience at Cinnamon restaurant. The waiter was very patient and accommodating. Because I was not sure what to try; he explained a lot of the different items on the menu. He even brought out a sample of a sauce for me to taste. Once I did decide to order, I had the chicken tikka masala with garlic naan, and Indian tea; which was very delicious. I would certainly dine there again.
Rachel L., Manhattan, NY
The first time I went to Cinnamon was on a Saturday for dinner. I was told that they had an amazing buffet and was hoping they'd have it for weekend dinners, but it was orders off of menu only. Complimentary pita chips served were so delicious that we had to get a refill of the basket. For entrées, we had the salmon marsala curry and the goat curry. They both came in stainless pots that looked very small, but the portion is quite large. We finished about a half of all ordered foods and took the rest back home for next day's lunch. Promptly after our first visit, we went back for the lunch buffet. The fried appetizers were a bit soggy and greasy, but overall, everything was good, especially for the price we were paying. We would definitely return the next time we have Indian food cravings. The service was prompt and the staffs were very friendly
Erin A., Morris Plains, NJ
I eat a lot of Indian food in the area but it still amazes me that this place isn't more crowded! The food is delicious and authentic, service is great and provided by people who care and offer great suggestions. Maybe the wall decor is a little quirky, but this place has great food, not expensive, and has a very comfortable atmosphere. Plus we are never rushed! So you can enjoy your BYO Come try it!!!